Four modules designed to help you get prepared to buy

This course has been broken down into the four modules below so that you can feel confident.

Module 1 - Helps you get ready to buy. Together we create you personalised timeline. Next we break down what steps you have left to feel ready that you can buy the moment the right property comes up. This might involve things like getting an agreement in principle or deciding whether to get mortgage advice as well as taking time to think about what matters to you.

Module 2 - Talks about starting to find a property. We help create a list of priorities for yourself and give you ways to start finding the best deals.

Module 3 - Teaches you about viewing properties and what to look for. We also cover how to do your price research like an estate agent does so you can negotiate like a pro.

Module 4 - We look at the next steps, with everything from choosing a solicitor to different types of survey. We help you understand the legal process so you no longer have to worry about it.

Bonus 1: Mortgages 101 - Learn how mortgages work so you can have a better understanding of your choices and the potential costs involved with your decisions.

Created to help you

Each module is made up of small lessons so you can complete things at your own pace and in your own time.

The lessons also have carefully designed exercises which help you move forward so you feel like you are making progress and getting better prepared.

Every lesson comes with a resources section with the best tools and links we could find to aid your research and make it easier for you to take each step. 

And there are community discussion boards which you can use to share tips and ask questions if you get stuck.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • How to use this course

  • 2

    Module 1: Getting started

    • Lesson 1.1 - The house buying process

    • Lesson 1.1 - Quiz

    • Lesson 1.2 - Where are you now?

    • Lesson 1.3 - Why are you buying?

    • Lesson 1.4 - Getting to know your budget

    • Lesson 1.5 - Working out your move costs

    • Lesson 1.6 - The 3 top ways to get a mortgage

  • 3

    Module 2: Kicking off your search strategy

    • Lesson 2.1 - Creating your wish list

    • Lesson 2.2 - How to approach finding the right home

    • Lesson 2.3 - Pros and Cons of your property choices

    • Lesson 2.4 - Quiz

  • 4

    Module 3: How to carry out your viewings the right way

    • How to carry out your viewings the right way

  • 5

    Module 4: Getting through the sale process in one piece

    • Lesson 4.1 - The house buying process - What to expect

  • 6

    Mini Workouts

    • Mini Workouts Zone Intro - The 10 Savvy Buyer Skills

    • Workout 1 - Property and Price Savvy - Hit 1

    • Workout 2 - Who's Who - Part 1

    • Workout 3 - Area Explorer

    • Workout 5 - 9 ways to find more properties

    • Workout 7 - Getting the most out of estate agents

  • 7

    Bonus 1: Mortgages 101

    • Lesson 3.1 - Why learning about mortgages matters?

    • Lesson 3.2 - How mortgages work

    • Lesson 3.3 - What are the different types of mortgage?

    • Lesson 3.4 - Getting approved - Your mortgage CV

    • Lesson 3.5 - The Mortgage Timeline Explained

    • Module 3 - Check-in

  • 8

    More Videos

    • Exploring help to buy schemes

    • Deposit boosting schemes

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  • Community Sharing

    Discuss your answers and get support from your fellow classmates with discussions on each lesson.

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Move Engine does not make any guarantees that you will be able to buy a house. This is dependent on your own personal circumstances which is outside our control. The course is designed to help make the process easier for you and fill in your knowledge to help you make better decisions. Ultimately, you are still required to do your own research and if in doubt seek advice form a professional on your situation. The maximum amount Move Engine is liable for is the cost of this course. By joining you agree to these terms.